Siege of Cork (1690) remnants -
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Remnants of the Siege of Cork (1690).
  • Two interesting remnants of the Siege of Cork (1690) can be seen in the city.

    Situated on the footpath at the junction of Tuckey Street and the Grand Parade is a cannon reputedly to
    have been used in the siege. It was later used as a mooring post for a quayside in the 1700's

    On an inscription in St. Fin Barre's Cathedral:

          "The Cannon Ball

          In 1690 the Cathedral was in the middle of the Siege of Cork
          This 24lb ball, shot from Elizabeth Fort, just east of the Cathedral,
          was lodged in the spire of the mediaeval Cathedral
          until it was discovered on demolition in 1865"

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Siege of Cork 1690 - Cannon & cannon ball