George Boole, Professor of Mathematics, Queens College Cork
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George Boole lived in this house from 1849 to 1855
                       Plaque on house

One of Queen's College (now UCC) most eminent professors was mathematician George Boole.
In 1844 Boole was awarded a gold medal by the Royal Society and developed a new branch of mathematics
known as Boolian Algebra, which led eventually to the development of computer science.

Boole is still remembered in UCC today, especially in the Aula Maxima where a large stained-glass window
depicts the great mathematician seated at his writing desk, watched over by Aristotle? Euclid?
He is also invoked in the name of the college's central library, Boole Library.

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George Boole, mathematician & inventor of boolean algebra, professor of mathematics at Queens College (now University College Cork - UCC) - Original Photos October 2005