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English Market
  • English Market - Cork's Food Emporium.

    The English Market is so called because in it's early days the traders could only be those of English extraction.

    The history of the market dates back to 1788 when an indoor market was established in the city, which sold fresh fruit, meat and vegetables.

    The elegant 19th century fountain at the centre of the market was made locally by WR Harris of Great Georges Street and was once the main source of water supply to the traders.

    Today the English Market is still located on the Grand Parade.

    Here you can find a Cork delicacy of tripe and drisheen.

    Ending their four day state visit to Ireland Queen Elizabeth 11 & Prince Philip visited the English Market on Friday 20th May 2011. "The people of Cork have been taking a certain satisfaction from the realisation that Queen Elizabeth saved the best until last, and ended her phenomenally successful Irish tour in Cork". (Editorial Irish Examiner 21/05/2011)

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English Market, Cork, Ireland - Cork¹s food emporium