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Cork Lough
  • The Lough is situated south-west of Cork city centre and is one of Cork's most fascinating amenities.

    It is a small freshwater limestone lake in a shallow depression.

    The Lough receives its water from springs and from water percolating from the ridge to the north on which stands the Lough parish church.

    No river flows into the Lough but there is an overflow drain in it's south-west sector.

    The mean depth of both the north and south basins is approximately one metre.

    It teems with wildlife and the central island provides a safe haven for the numerous types of wildfowl stocked in the Lough.

    The Lough delights a wide range of people of all ages who engage in such activities as jogging, walking, reading and nature study.

    For many children the Lough may be their first experience of seeing wildlife at close quarters.

    The Lough was declared a Public Wildlife Refuge in 1881 and is one of Ireland's oldest protected areas.

  • Reference: Atlas of Cork City 2005

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Cork Lough - Bird Sanctuary